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Nikita Kolodin


There is not such an artist who does not dream to get even a moment into the center of fame and stars and this place on our planet is called Hollywood. At the 20th Anniversary World Art Championship in 2016, Nikita Kolodin was selected for participation after another victory at the International Competition in Latvia, where the famous musician and jury member spoke about Nikita Kolodin as a real "Rachmaninov pianist". There was no doubt, Rachmaninoff should be played in Los Angeles. Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninov, a great Russian composer and pianist. His last years spent and graduated in Los Angeles, in a house on Beverly Hills.

With the "Musical Moment" in E minor no. 4, Nikita won the final among the instrumentalists. Despite the fact that Nikita Kolodin was already a numerous laureate of All-Russian and International competitions, participation and victory in the World Championship of Arts in Hollywood, undoubtedly raised the rating and gave Nikita Kolodin all-Russian glory, which was covered by video reports of Russian television companies. And at the end of 2016, Nikita Kolodin in his region, recognized as the person of the year.

Now, after two years, remembering fresh, as if everything was yesterday. The house is filled with memorable photos, which are every time returned to a fairy tale called "Hollywood Dream"

Nikita Kolodin prepares for a trip to Hollywood


Pianist from Kaliningrad - Person of the Year


Memories of Hollywood and new achievements