The Rising Stars – 2019


Kazinik’s days

24 February – 3 March 2019


Children and young people under 30 years old, soloists and groups are invited to participate in nominations “classical music” and “academic vocal”.


Партнеры Конкурса

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The cause of the competition:


To identify and support of bright and gifted children and youth engaged in classical vocal and instrumental performance. To introduce young musicians and the public to the best examples of worldwide and national music culture. Let a wide range of musically gifted children and youth demonstrate their creative abilities to honored professionals of vocal and instrumental classics, to show their talent to the audience of important events in the musical life of the country and the world.


During the competition there is a selection for participation in those events:


  • Starptautiskais Vladimira Spivakova labdarības fonda festivāls “Maskava sagaida draugus” 2019. gada oktobrī
  • Vispasaules izpildītājmākslas čempionāts Holivudā (Worldstars olimpiāde) 2019. gada 12.-21. jūlijā
  • Gala koncerts ar klasiskās mūzikas metru Mihailu Kaziniku un žūrijas locekļiem 2019. g. 3. martā
  • Mihaila Kaziņika pasākumi ārpus Latvijas
  • Balva no Rotary club Latva

The tickets to all events are available in the ticket sales platform


Addresses of the competition:


The Kazinik’s Days 2019

The Hotel address will be announced later.


The Halls addresses:


The Riga Great Guild: Amatu Street 6, the Old Town

The Small Guild: Amatu Street 5, the Old Town

Reformation Church: Mārstaļu Street 10, the Old Town

Church of Luther or Torņakalns Church: Torņakalna Street 3/5

The Exupery School: Jauna Street 8, Piņki, Babites pagasts.


Go by bus number 4 from the city center to Piņķi until the last stop. Don’t leave the bus, go one more stop back until the stop named “Darbnīcas”. Exit there and cross the road. There will be Jauniela Street. Walk 200 meters to the school. The hall is located in the further building from the road. Going by car you can park in the “Inbox halle” parking lot, which is located near the school.